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Magicians in Kansas City

Anthony Marconi - Award Winning Magician & Family Entertainer
The Internet certainly has improved how we gather information, but with so many magic show websites available, it can be overwhelming when trying to make a decision as to which magician you should hire to entertain at your next event, especially when so many are claiming to be the 'best'. 
Anthony is a great choice for virtually any occasion, as he's one of the top family entertainers in the United States. Throughout his long career he's had the great fortune of learning from, and sharing ideas with, world famous magicians Doug Henning, Steve Dacri, Dave Cresey, and many others...and of course his mentor Bob Porter, who in the early 1900's started the Worcester, MA chapter of the Society of American Magicians alongside his good friend Harry Houdini. 

Among his many accomplishments are several awards from The Society of American Magicians and The Clowns of America International, the creation, production and performance of several stage shows and  television specials, and last but not least his written works, of which he's presented as lecture material for professional and aspiring entertainers. He's a favorite of companies like Wal-Mart, Target and Bank of America, along with hundreds of childcare centers, schools, and entertainment venues like Disney World Resorts...and of course the thousands of parents who have trusted him to entertain their children. Check out the reviews page for a partial list of where he's been and whom he's performed for...many of whom do not hire just anyone and judge for yourself.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Contact Anthony today for availability and prices. He will be happy to customize a program just for your event. And he does not provide a professional, safe and fun magic show that generates amazement & laughter from your children & don't pay! 
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